Monday, May 26, 2008

Response to Article: Crisis talks on global food prices

You can read the article: Crisis talks on global food prices here.

My comments:

The system is totally fucked up. We should not be shipping food around the world and having it controlled by large corporations that don't know what they are fucking doing.

Modern agriculture is a fucking joke. It is totally destructive based on absolutley no understanding of how soil, water, trees and nutrients interact to create self sustaining ecosytems. The fact that we are all panicking now to save millions of people is an indication of just how stupid we are for putting ourselves in this position.

Now governments are going to have to subsidize this system because of the rising cost of oil based inputs that are totally out of there control. How far will they go before they start realizing that the system needs to be totally redesigned by people that know what they are doing?

It is time for a world wide regime change. The petroleum patriarchy has done enough damage. The have lead us all to the edge of a cliff and are now sitting back waiting for the die off to happen, now that they the worlds human resources are no longer serving their purposes.

Don't think for a minute that we are immune to this either. We get our food from the same system. This is only the beginning.

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