Thursday, June 12, 2008

U.S. FEMA Detention Camps, Katrina and WW3

The US government has been putting money into renovating detainment camps in the case of a national emergency. They say that they are to detain immigrants.

Research into US FEMA Detainment Camps by The Centre for Research on Globalization.

I have to say that given the big boys know that we are past peak oil and the system is naturally going to contract, they are planning on using these as depopulation facilities. Sounds kind of wack, but does it really? We know that the Bush family has ties to the Nazis, we are starting to see the elites come forward about the New World Order a La Bilderberg (see my previous post with Clinton promoting the NWO), we also know that many people do not believe that we can support such a large population without cheap fossil fuels.

Remember also, that the oil industry and world elites who run things behind the scenes have known about peak oil for 50 or sixty years. So don't you think they would have a plan in place?

One option is to let the people fend for themselves, let the banks fail, let anarchy reign, and have it all disintegrate into a million little micro economies. Survival of the fittest. But where does that leave them? With no centralized corporate, financial and government systems to produce wealth and privelege for them, their power fades and they become obsolete.

The other option is to use this oil crisis and the economic collapse to consolidate power and force people to accept their precious New World Order. Clinton outlines it clearly: shared security, shared benefits, shared responsibilities.

In order to completely strip everyone of their rights to this extent, their will have to be another catalyzing event like 9/11. But this time it will have to be big. I mean REALLY BIG. Something like a nuclear detonation of the White House. Not so far fetched when you look at 9/11.

Everyone will be at panick stations. The resisters, the patriots will be treated as terrorist insurgents and eliminated by the Marines. Sound outrageous. Not really when you look at what they did at Katrina. The U.S. military was breaking into peoples houses, forcing them to evacuate their homes and surrender their weapons. The people that lost their homes have been herded into detainment camps.

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