Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Slave Labor Camps in China

After watching some of Alex Jone's movies on YouTube about the UN and China's growing economic power in the US, I did some googling on slave labor in china. Yikes. I have probably bought some of these goods without knowing it.

The slave labor camps were started by Mao and were originally for moral reform. Since then they have been expanded and now number over 1100 with about 8.6 million people imprisoned and working in appalling conditions.

The PRC (People’s Republic of China) uses Laojiao to detain individuals it feels are a threat to national security or it considers unproductive. Individuals in Laojiao may be detained for up to three years. Because those in Laojiao have not committed crimes under PRC law, they are referred to as “personnel” rather than prisoners and they are not entitled to judicial procedure. Instead, individuals are sent to the Laojiao following administrative sentences dispensed by local public security forces. This vague detainment policy allows the PRC to avoid allegations that the individual’s arrest was politically motivated and to assert that they were arrested for reasons such as “not engaging in honest pursuits” or “being able-bodied but refusing to work.”

The High Cost of China's Laogai

Falun Gong Prisoners Used as Slave Labor

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