Friday, June 27, 2008

How Will You Spend Your Carbon Bribe?

I live in BC and I recieved my Carbon Bribe yesterday. Accompanying the send out was a blatant bit of propaganda in the daily Metro:

“Cheque you mailbox” Geoff Loie shows the $100 carbon tax cheque he received from the B.C. government. Louie said he plans to use it towaqrd a new bicycle. What are you spending your cheque on?

It made me sick. It was so obvious. And it was clearly disguised as a legitimate piece.

We are totally overtaxed in this country. Real incomes have been falling for 20 years now and especially at this time of rising gas prices, we do not need a new tax.

This tax is really just an inflation hedge for the governments own rising costs, that they plan to pass on to the people.

I asked myself how I can fight this. Even though i don’t drive my own car anymore, I still feel it is a rediculous tax.

The letter accompanying the cheque said:

$100 Climate AQction Dividen for British Columbians .. this
years’s Provincial budget is making it easier for British Columbians
to choose a lower carbon lifestyle.

For more infomration on the Cliamte Action Dividen and tips
on going green while saveing money, please visit:

Best regards,

Premier Gordon Campbell


He didn’t even bother to sign it. Only his typed name appeared.

I decided to burn my cheque. I was so pissed off.

The problem is that nobody sees this for what it is, a bribe. It is a small investment
for the government because they stand to gain billions from this tax.

So they try to bribe us like the fucking slaves that we are, and everbody laps it up.
We do what we are told, we do what we are told, told to do.

I encourage everyone to come up with a creative way to destroy their cheques. Stand up
and stop slaves!

Oh and by the way. Stop fucking worrying about global warming. Governments don't give a crap about global warming!!! It is not even legal to drive an electric car in Canada!!! and we all know how they squashed the EV1 in the U.S.

So stop even thinking about global warming. It is really not your responsibility. If the government wanted to do something, they would not be burning coal like it is going out of style or encouraging global free trade which burns huge amounts of gas, or encouraging trucking etc etc.

Environmentalism is a fucking joke. Everything we make, and wear and eat is made out of oil.

Peak oil and population control is their focus right now. Do you really think that the corporations and elite are going to let free markets continue and let all the serfs continuing burning up oil going camping and flying to Mexico? They will need to secure a steady supply to power their police and military infrastructe so that they can enforce their laws in the New World Order.

We have about 1 or 2 years of good times left in my opinion. The totalitarian grip is getting tighter and tighter. Western nations will soon be living in conditions previously saved only for the third world. Look forward to it people.

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