Monday, December 1, 2008

The World Economic "Crisis"

So what will save the world now? More bridges, roads, sewage and damns?

Aren't we supposed to build those things when we need them, not to "Save" the world?

And where do we get the money to pay for this? Let me guess. Governments borrow more money to pay for it. Don't worry, the taxpayers will pay for it.

I am sick of listening to all these so called experts and pundits. We have never lived in an era with more prosperity as now. We have enough infrastructure, communications, resources, technology, knowledge and expertise to last
a hundred thousand fucking years!

Now we are all supposed to run around like chickens thinking that we are
all dirt poor and we are going to starve to death.

Funny thing is, the way the system is setup, that is exactly what is happening,
because the system is set up that way. Nations can't Manage their economies
because they aren't in control of their economies. The banks are!

The problem is that the game is rigged, and until people understand this and have
enough balls to do somehting about it, we will continue along this so called crisis
until WWIII breaks out.

You need to understand one simple thing and everything else makes sense.

Countries must have control of their own currency. A government should not have
to borrow money to increase its money supply. What the fuck are they borrowing anyway? Its numbers in a computer, and pieces of paper! It is not intrinsically worth anything!

As long as governments have to borrow money to increase add liquidity to their economies in order to facilitate trade, bankruptcy will be the only endpoint, not sustainability.

However, they system is designed to implode because nation states are seen by the
elites as out of date. Now why would they b Sendelieve a thing like that? Because their vision for us pod people goes far beyond local culture and trade, that is so primitive. No, we live in a global village now. One religion, one economy, one bank, one world government.

By the way, did you watch Money Master's yet? if not here it is again, if you can understand the information contained their, the big picture will come into focus.

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