Sunday, December 21, 2008

Response to John Allan Martinson Jr

Looks like John Allan Martinson Jr Is working on something new (film).
I created a post. Let me know what you think. We need more discussion.

I don't know much about john allenson jr, but after watching his trailer it looks as if he equates the illuminati / NWO with Jewish people only. Now for all I know, most of the elites are probably intermarried with Jewish elites and vice versa, but I think it is really counterproductive to equate these guys with Jewish people exclusively.

It weakens the resistance because it will be seen as anti-semitic, racist and something akin to neo-nazism.

While this all may indeed be orchestrated by pure blooded Jewish people who want to fulfil their fucked up prophecies, to resist that prophecy is to give it power.

The fight is really against ignorance. Spiritual ignorance, ignorance of ecological systems, and egalitarian political and financial systems.

Nuff said.

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