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HR875 'Food Modernization Act' Outlaws Organic Gardening!

Here is flyer with more information about the
anti organic farming legislation that is about to be
sent to the house & congress.

It's HR875 'Food Modernization Act'.

This is dangerous scarey stuff,
and will make it all but illegal to
farm organically or to use saved seeds.
It is already illegal through patent laws in the usa to save seed,
but this legislation if passed ill allow the federal government
to sue or fine you or seize your property,;and farm, etc.
It will penalize, fine & jail small farmers,community gardens,
school gardens and farmers markets.
This is already happening on a large scale
in countries like India where it is estimated that
up to 200.00 small farmers have committed suicide
in the last 10 years due to legal action by Monsanto.
It is also happening in states like Nebraska where the
federal government and Monsanto own
nearly all of the farms and farmland.

The main supporter of this bill is of course Monsanto
who are controlling the worlds food supply and currently trying
to have a patent on EVERY food/herb seed on the planet.

The democratic congress woman who drafted this bill
has recieved over $100,000 in contributions from Maonsanto.
Her husband is a big researcher who has Monsanto as one
of his main clients..........................

Check out:
(put 'HR875' in the serach box at the top of their page)

Also excellent is
Excellent video about this legislation on the main page.
So Take some time to check this out.
It effects every person & living thing on this planet
whether you like it or not.

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Defeat HR 875-information flyer

Posted by LydiaScott on 03/14/09 8:47 PM

[Newer: Plan A or Plan B?] [Older: HR 875 is being steamrolled thru the House and we have to pick up the pace!]

No to HR875, HR759, HR814, HR1105 and S.425 and No to NAIS!

Corn engineered with human genes (Dow)
Rice engineered with human genes (in California) (Applied Phytologics)
Sugarcane engineered with human genes (Hawaii Agricultural Research Center)
Corn with pig, hepatitis B virus & simian immunodeficiency virus genes (ProdiGene)
Pigs engineered with mouse and e-coli genes “Enviropigs” (Ontario’s University of Guelph, which is financially supported by Monsanto)
Corn engineered with mouse and human genes (Garst)
Eggs with human genes (Avigenics)
Corn with UNDISCLOSED GENES on nearly 500 acres in UNDISCLOSED LOCATIONS in 20 states, including California, Texas, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan & Wisconsin (Pioneer/Monsanto)

The FDA approved CLONED CATTLE, SWINE and GOATS (AND the offspring of all clones) in our food supply on 1/15/08. How can they possibly know the LONG TERM EFFECTS of cloned meat, since the first mammal was only cloned in 1996?
What is in your food now? What will be in food in the future?

Monsanto (with Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland, etc.) is trying to push through HR 875, HR759, HR814, HR1105 & S.425. These bills will mean NO MORE ORGANIC FOOD OR FARMERS MARKETS! If you think you can just grow your own vegetables or have community gardens, NATURAL SEEDS ARE INCREASINGLY BEING MADE ILLEGAL! You won’t be able to buy any seeds that aren’t genetically altered.

· Monsanto is trying to patent EVERY PLANT ON EARTH? They alter, add or delete one piece of DNA, then file a patent on the entire plant. Monsanto people are working in the FDA and the U.S. Patent Office and are facilitating this.
· Clarence Thomas, who was a lawyer for Monsanto, wrote the overly broad Supreme Court decision on “life form patenting” favoring Pioneer Hi-Bred (one of Dupont’s GMO companies) making it easy for Monsanto to file patents on plants.
· Monsanto sues our small farmers when wind carries Monsanto’s patented seeds onto neighboring farms.
· Stewart Parnell, Pres. of the American Peanut Corp., which caused the recent salmonella outbreak, was on the USDA’s Peanut Standards Board.
· SWAT teams have raided farms. The USDA is staging raids against Amish farmers in Wisconsin and Mennonite farmers in Pennsylvania.
· Over 166,000 farmers in India have committed suicide in the last 10 years. Buying Monsanto seeds & fertilizer caused them deep debt.
· In Iraq, Paul Bremer issued Order 81, paving the way for Monsanto.
· Congresswoman DeLauro, who introduced one of the bills, is married to Stanley Greenberg (Greenberg Research). Monsanto is his client.

PREMESIS ID (with NAIS, see pg.2)
This is what REALLY scares farmers! The USDA’s business plan defines farmers as “STOCKHOLDERS” of their own property (NOT OWNERS of their OWN LAND!) and their animals are NOT defined as THEIR ANIMALS, but as part of the “NATIONAL HERD.” This abolishes our freedom to OWN PROPERTY! Farmers are being intimidated/forced into signing contracts agreeing to PREMESIS ID.

HR875, HR759, HR814, HR1105 & S.425
If the USDA is so worried about “food safety” why did it, right now with the Omnibus Package, mandate only 1 inspection for about every 88 BILLION pounds of meat? Why has the USDA cut it’s staff by about 8,000, with fewer inspections for slaughterhouses and meat packing plants, and MORE money towards raiding small farms and surveillance?

The above bills, using “food safety,” are about turning farmers into industrial workers on their own land…telling them what kind of feed to use (GMOs) and when, how they must medically treat their animals (drugs) and when and with what they must spray (pesticides). The wording on HR875 may sound innocuous, but codewords will put FDA and USDA regulations into operation (regulations have never had public discussion or debate and weren’t voted for). “Traceability” and “source verification” mean NAIS (National Animal Identification System) will be enacted (more about NAIS below).

“Best farming practices with proven scientific results” will force farmers to use drugs, pesticides and certain feeds (genetically altered). Farmers won’t be able to have animals and vegetables on the same farm.

These become operable with Smart Grid, part of the Stimulus Package. Right now, per writer Linn Cohen-Cole, House Commerce and Agriculture Committees and the Senate Agriculture Committee are having secret meetings regarding these bills, and we won’t even know how they vote. They’ll try to push these bills to House and Senate votes the same day they come out of the Committees.

The USDA and Homeland Security have planned six CLOSED-TO-SMALL-LIVESTOCK-OWNERS meetings around “depopulating” animals “in case” there is a disease outbreak. They could completely wipe out normal breeds of animals and substitute genetically engineered animals. Monsanto, Genus and PIC are patenting animal genetics.

NAIS, the National Animal Identification System, was formulated by Monsanto, the big meat packers and tag/surveillance companies. The tag readers they want to use to read the RFID tags aren’t accurate 15% of the time and also double read 15% of the time. They don’t work AT ALL in cold weather! Small farmers will have to tag EVERY animal, but INDUSTRIALIZED FARMS will HAVE ONLY ONE NUMBER for 800,000 ANIMALS!

THERE IS ALREADY A TRACKING SYSTEM IN PLACE FOR LIVESTOCK! Livestock ALREADY have tags on their ears for tracking. In addition, when cattle or livestock are sold and shipped, the trucker uses a special glue to stick a big piece of paper on each animal, which has a barcode and huge ID numbers on it. The trucker records both of these numbers in his receipt book and gives a copy to the farmer (this is how the farmer gets paid for his livestock), the trucker keeps a copy (this is how he gets paid for transporting each animal) and the livestock market gets a copy.

The government knows EXACTLY where each animal comes from NOW! NAIS will drive small ranchers out of business, because if they don’t record the birth/death of every animal within about 48 hours, they face huge fines (up to $500,000 and/or 10 yrs. in prison) and forfeitures!
They also have to report each time an animal goes off of the property. The tag readers and software (not counting the tags and labor to put them in on each animal) will cost each farmer about $1,400. Farmers will also need to get an extra computer if they don’t want agents showing up to inspect their records on their home computer, and coming inside their home anytime they want.

WHO PROFITS FROM NAIS? Electronics companies who make the software and tags. Angel Dynamics, a tag producer, is an owner of Verichip (which made the human implant chip). After testing revealed a high rate of cancer in rats implanted with the human implant chip, the USDA bought the chips to shore up Angel Dynamics. Tommy Thompson, Bush’s Secretary of HHS, is now on the Board of Verichip. The USDA and FDA will make money on fines and forfeitures.

Small farmers are the only ones producing our SAFE FOODS! Monsanto has brought us PCBs, Agent Orange, dioxin, rBGH in dairy products (so that girls now develop breasts at 8 or 9 years old). The FDA doesn’t label irradiated foods or warn us about foods imported from other countries, which have been grown under who knows what environmental and health conditions. U.S. meat packers and grain traders want to make a huge profit selling safe U.S. food overseas, while the U.S. imports lesser quality foods for Americans to eat.

Steve Hixon, a farmer in Illinois, has been followed and has had his home broken into. He met with some neighboring farmers who told him they were cornered and shoved against their farm machinery by “investigators” hired by Monsanto’s law firm (The “investigators” are with McDowell & Associates of St. Louis, MO).

Paul Griepentrog, a farmer in Wisconsin, has had his home broken into and his buildings burglarized. Two helicopters and a small plane with Coast Guard markings flew at treetop level over his farm, scaring one of his sheep to death. A neighbor called the Coast Guard and was told the aircraft were conducting mining surveys. In another incident, a dark green helicopter, unmarked and without identifying numbers, was flying low and buzzed his buildings. The FAA, and most airports, require planes and helicopters to have numbers or identification visible. (So who owns the helicopter?) The game warden suspected unlawful hunting. Where do these “hunters” file a flight plan and where do they keep a helicopter with no markings? Law enforcement officials have been reluctant to act on these situations.

Rodney Nelson, a farmer in North Dakota, details his ordeal with Monsanto on his website, Rodney stood up to Monsanto and refused to sign a gag order (Monsanto forces most farmers sign gag orders in settlements.)

Read Linn Cohen-Cole’s articles about Monsanto on (you can click on her name on a recent article, and get a list of her articles).



Youtube documentaries:
“The Future of Food”
“The Dying Fields” (a PBS documentary about the farmers’ suicides in India)
“The World According to Monsanto” (film by Marie Robin)
On Google Video – Sierra Club’s 24 min. documentary “Living a Nightmare: Animal Factories in Michigan”

Tableland-a documentary of how and why local food economies work. You will want to eat local food after watching this awesome flick.

“During his time as governor, Vilsack oversaw the largest proliferation of hog confinements in the state’s history.” These new hog CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) put tens of thousands of independent family hog farmers out of business in the state. The end result of this was a “decimation of rural Iowa” and serious degradation of the state’s drinking water.
Iowans also remember the rides Vilsack enjoyed on Monsanto’s corporate jet during his time in office. He repayed Monsanto by working with the Republican floor manager of the House, promising to do everything he could to get a seed bill to pass.


There is so much more info so if you have info not on this flyer add it and then pass it around. The person who developed this informative flyer only wants people to have it and use it! No copywrite so freely distribute the info.

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