Monday, November 10, 2008

Facebook Deleting Profiles of Activists

This message is from someone who was speaking about the New World Order on Facebook:

Eric Cryderman sent a message to the members of Stop The NEW WORLD ORDER By Bush(Skull&Bones)& The Illuminati .

Subject: A Message from ZoSo

Hi all ZoSo here...To all my friends and acquaintances I've made on this FACEFUCK(facebook)CIA control and information gathering tool of these fascist dictator bastards controlling our every move our every word our every dream our every inspiration in life...There is no freedom of speech its an illusion like our freedom is as well.I was kicked off of FACEFUCK for absolutely nothing. I was not giving a warning of doing something wrong. I was just deleted with no recourse or venues to dispute there decision.This is for all intense purposes a closed door forums of there views and ideas or in other words there WAY or the HIGHWAY or a dictatorship of the CIA's FACEFUCKs powers that be Elite scumballs who threw this venues learn almost everything except your cock sizes It is done indiscreetly and innocently as far as most of the sheeple on FACEFUCK go.Have you all not noticed all those stupid application that ask everything from your favorite band to your sexual preferences to well your
cock sizes...This is all used to build a psychological profile of you and believe me when I tell you it is very relevant to there future plans of world domination and control.If in your profile you appear as a malcontent or someone not happy with the status quo you will be marked and deleted like I was. SILENCED ...And then when you get up there in friend numbers(over 1000)or have a number of groups with over 2700 members or so GOODBYE DELETED SHUT UP!!!! Its that simple for them they just turn you off and I am not the first there have been many many more who have had the same thing happen to them Almost every truther on FACEFUCK I no has had this happen to them at one point or another all there hard work, post,comment, pictures,videos and everything else associated with there personal account is deleted,just like that... I put in almost 3 years of post,pics,vids,research and discussion in my time on FACEFUCK to have it all dismissed in one second by someone called an
administrator or as I call them a fascist puppet with a power tripping controlled mind who cant think for themselves robots.This just shows the time is near and there getting scared that more and more of us are waking to the big picture of deception and fraud going on right in our faces and how blatant it really is.Don't let them scare you and don't back down to them Stand up and fight... Fight for your right To PARTY as the song goes.But really for your right to live free and true to yourself!!! I will still from time to time post comment and other thing I feel are real important but my main concern now is in my real day to day living and having a more human approach to helping the people closest to me get away from these barbarians who call themselves Government or your so called representative in government who really only represent there own values and that of there inbreed Elites Banker friends
Peace All


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