Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Follow the 9/11 Money !

Put-options are investments amounting to a bet that shares will fall. In the days preceding the attacks there was a genuine run on shares of Boeing, United Airlines and American Airlines. On September 6, there was 3.150 put-options placed on United Airlines, four times the average. On September 7: 27.294 put-options on Boeing shares, 5 times the average. And on September 10 1516 put-options on American Airlines, or 11 times the average.

The Financial Times concluded that there had been insider trading, and the Justice Department promised a thorough investigation. However, this still hasn’t happened seven years after the fact.

Here is Splitting the Sky's list of the 38 companies that the Canadian Securities and Exchange Commission fingered as involved in 'put options' profiteering on 9/11. The Canadian SEC report with the list of 38 companies was not supposed to be made public, but a copy was obtained by a Vancouver journalist Ian Mulgrew, who published it, and which I copied.

With further research, Splitting the Sky further uncovered the fact that 80% of these companies were owned by just two families: the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.

Why hasn't the 9/11 Commission followed up on who placed these put options? Because Elliott Spitzer shut down the investigation.

Merrill Lynch...
1. Amr corp... Via Com
2. American Express……Via Com
3. American Internat ional Group
4. Axa Sa
5. Bank of American corp.
6. Bank of New York Corp.
7. Bank One Corp
8. Bear Stearns Corp.
9. Boeing Corp
10. Carnival Corp.
11. Chubb Corp. ...Gannet t
12. Cigna Corp.
13. Cit igroup corp… AOL Time Warner...John Deutche
14. CAN Financial corp
15. Cont inental Airlines Inc. Gannet t
16. L3 Communicat ions Holding Inc
17. Leahman Bothers Holdings Inc…. Rothchild
18. Lockheed Mart in Corp… Gannet t
19. Lonestar Technologies
20. LTV Corp.
21. Delta Airlines
22. General Motors corp. Rockefeller
23. Hercules Inc.
24. Marsh & McLennan COSO Inc….. CEO Paul Brenner… PNAC
25. Met Life… Rockefellor
26. Morgan Stanley Dean( security)Wit ter….Rockefellor..Wash.Post JP Morgan
27. North WEST Airlines… Rockefeller Walt Disney
28. Progressive Corp
29. Raytheon
30. Royal Caribean Cruises LTD.
31. Royal Sun Alliance
32. Southwest Airlines Corp
33. United Airlines Corp
34. US Airways Group.
35. Vornado Realty Trust
36. W.R. Grace & Co. NEW YORK TIMES
37. XL Capital LTD
Bush Sr. worked for Dresser before Zapata Oil


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