Friday, July 4, 2008

Is Chomsky a Shill for the New World Order via Rockefeller?

I can't believe how cavalier Chomsky is about 9/11! He discounts 9/11 truth as useless conspiracy theorists. Despite all the hard evidence he discredits the movement as not credible, not scientific and not vetted by the establishment.

Then he has the audacity to say Who Cares?!!!? about 9/11.


This guy is supposed to be an intellectual? Everything that has been happening in
the last 8 years has been a result of 9/11. Everyone SHOULD care for Christ sake.
If you don't care about the murder of so many people, what should you care about? Linguistics?

Jesus Christ, Chomsky is now totally irrelevant in my books. I'll bet he wouldn't be saying Who Cares if a bomb blew up in MIT and tore his leg off, or his precious tenure was cut because his teachings were considered a security risk.

Judge for yourself:

ali g interviews noam chomsky

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Anonymous said...

Chomsky is the left gate-keeper for the ruling class. He keeps the allowable discourse within certain limits. His acolytes revere him like a guru and people on the left listen to him as if his words are divine. Let's not forget he believes the Warren Commission report, and derided many people who say otherwise, despite the overwhelming physical evidence showing at least two shooters present on the day. His analysis of the events on 9/11 are shallow at best, he spouts the 'blowback' hypothesis. He perhaps wishes that 9/11 was caused by 'Al CIAda', but more likely he is the red herring preventing many people on the left even speaking or thinking about alternative hypotheses.